Going the Extra Mile… Is Workaholism Necessary For Success?


To be successful in a career takes much more than punching in and out. But for a workaholic, work is more than a source of income, rather it is a lifestyle. HEALTH takes a look at why workaholism can be so detrimental, both physically and mentally.

More than Money

Recent cases of deaths resulting from ‘karoshi’ (overworking) in Japan has once again brought the dangers of workaholism in the limelight. Basically workaholics spend their entire being thinking, eating, sleeping and dreaming their work. Workaholics don’t put in all of their blood, sweat, and tears merely for money; more often it is the emotional, psychological, and physical adrenalin pumping thrill of challenge, surpassing deep rooted personal expectations.

Are You a Workaholic? Take our quiz


  • You prefer not taking a vacation and even work weekends?
  • You prefer to only converse about work and are almost incapable of other topics?
  • Do you express a negative attitude towards sleep and leisure time?
  • Is stress a way of life?
  • Do you typically suffer from a lack of sleep, exercise, and inadequate nutrition?

If you answered yes to more than 3 of these, you may be a workaholic.


A person does not have to be a ‘workaholic’ to be successful. A person can be a hard worker, completing the job to the maximum extent of their abilities, and attaining their goals without being addicted to that job. The true workaholic is often is so caught up in the rat race, he will forget or ignore external relationships until the kids are grown up and gone.


An individual can be successful not only in their career, but all aspects of their life, balancing as much as possible the mind, body, and spirit to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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