Women over 50 Staying Healthy


From heart disease to diabetes, despite the rise of certain lifestyle diseases overall, today’s latest medical advances are making it easier to diagnose a disease to help women proactively make required lifestyle changes to live a normal lifestyle.

Diabetes Screening

If your sugar levels have been normal, undergo a diabetes screening test annually. If you have a genetic tendency for diabetes or are overweight, undergo this test more frequently.

Bone Mineral Density Test

Osteoporosis is common in women over 50, and a key symptom is a tendency for bone fractures. If there are signs of early osteoporosis or it runs in the family, a DEXA bone scan can ascertain if she has the disease or is at risk for it.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Every three years, women over 50 need to undergo a Pap test or both a Pap test and an HPV test every five years. However, if there are risk factors such as HIV infection or a previous abnormal screening, she should undergo a Pap test annually.

Breast Cancer Screening

Once a year, women over 50 should have their breasts examined by their gynecologist. This should check for any abnormalities and also, a mammography should be done annually as part of this checkup.

Hypertension & Blood Pressure

For women with typically normal blood pressure, it should be checked at least once annually. If it is at or above 120/80, have it checked more frequently. H

(Credit: Dr. Sanjida Ahmed, cell biologist)

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