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shiffaShiffa, a word that means health in Arabic, is a highly acclaimed luxury skincare line from Dubai whose origins are firmly rooted in Arabic traditions and whose key ingredients are from the Middle Eastern region. HEALTH speaks with Dr. Lamees Hamdan, Founder and CEO of Shiffa to learn more about her luxurious organic products.

Brand Overview

“I have been developing organic products backed by the principles of dermatology since 2004. Shiffa’s first product was a unique pregnancy body oil that I was able to test myself at the time. After the success of this first product, I went ahead and embarked on a complete range of skincare products underpinned by the principles of merging science with nature. It was then that in 2004, Shiffa was launched.”

Key Ingredients

“Just some of the key ingredients found in Shiffa products that have been used traditionally in this region include: argan oil, chamomile, dates, jasmine, Aloe Vera, prickly pears, and black seed oil.”

The Products

“A brand that is both high end and luxurious, yet natural and organic, Shiffa’s facial care products in general are our best selling products, as the face is the major concern for any woman.”


Basil, mint, and black pepper body wash

A very refreshing body wash that immediately enlivens the senses, the basil, mint, and black pepper body wash cleanses the body, but leaves it soft and feeling supple.
Dhs 169

1001 Rose Luxury milk bath

Indulge your skin and senses with a bath fit for a queen with the Shiffa 1001 Rose Luxury milk bath. Just two spoons of this into your bath will envelope your senses with a fragrance of roses and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth and beautifully hydrated.
Dhs 550

Tamanu Moisturizing Cream

Packed with oh-so-good-for your skin ingredients like Chilean rosehip oil, avocado oil, and tamanu plant oil, this does wonders for even the most sensitive of skins. It gives just enough moisture without feeling heavy, and enables the perfect canvas to start your makeup.
Dhs 525

Shiffa Healing Balm 

A must-have in every woman’s skincare arsenal, this is a lightweight, yet super calming balm that can be used just in areas of dryness or even as an all over boost for flaky wintery skin.
Dhs 389

Floral Facial Toner

Finding the right toner that doesn’t dry out the skin or leave it feeling stripped is challenging but with this gamechanging toner, you can tone your skin gently and still maintain your skin’s natural hydration.
Dhs 257

The Unique Edge

Being a high end, luxury brand from the Middle Eastern region, Shiffa has a better understanding of the needs of women in this region; especially with the high quality ingredients that have been chosen carefully from different countries around the world.”

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