Lighten up for Summer

sister's loungeGetting a new look for summer is never easy yet who can resist lightening their locks just in time for the summer? Sisters
Beauty Lounge came to the rescue…

The current trend for summer, explains Head Stylist Mahra Abdul Jawad, is still the ever-popular highlights but re-invented to a more ombre style rather than straight lines of lighter color. “Basically traditional ombre is the style that starts darker at the crown and gets progressively lighter going downwards towards the ends of the hair,” she tells. However with this new look, the final result is more blended, with the mid-section gently fusing into gradients of color rather than blocks of color. According to Mahra, not only would this lighten up my look, but would be easier to maintain than the look I was currently wearing.

She started by applying the highlight foils first all over my hair. Then she mixed 7.1 ash and 7.0 green to create the perfect ash color suitable for my skin tone. Next base color was applied about 25 minutes later to protect the hair from damage and to control the color. After about 40 minutes, she shampooed this out and toned down the color, followed by shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. After this, Mahra deftly cut my hair, simply reshaping the long, outgrown layers. Once the look was blow-dried, I was delighted. It was still long, which was what I wanted, but the new shape and different shades of blond and ash fused with the brown gave me an entirely new look. The results were definitely different than anything I had ever done. My hair had a more modern and sophisticated version of ombre and made me feel polished and
raring to go. Where: Sister’s Beauty Lounge Dubai Mall; 04 339-8500

Summer Trends for 2015:

• Red or blonde highlights (it’s a look in-between a full head of highlights and ombre.)
• Ash as a base color which everyone loves.
• Long layers.
• Wavy hair using an iron or waves
• The beachy look
• After two months, once the roots have grown out, visit your salon for toning and roots touchup for an easy way to refresh your overall look.

(Credit: Mahra Abdul Jawad)

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