Sally Prosser – The Blogger in Spotlight

bloggerHEALTH meets with Sally Prosser, founder of the blog My Custard Pie who talks about her passion for blogging and good home cooking.

The Start

“My first blog-style foray was a family website on the now defunct Yahoo geo-cities, I set up and ran a blog for a non-profit I helped run. My first proper personal blog was set up over six years ago and was about a charity challenge to walk the Lebanon Mountain Trail. I loved blogging so much that a month later I set up my food blog and the rest is history.” market ingredients or a family


“It is my little happy place on the internet, it’s the place where I can express myself and be creative and connect with like-minded people. I like to know the deeper story, especially about food and travel, and the impact it has.”

Dealing with Competition

“When I started out, it was a small community. Now hundreds of new blogs are set up every day and the standard is super high. It’s easy to compare your design, writing, photography, video and
output to all these impossibly high standards. To achieve this, I’d definitely need to outsource, which I really don’t want to do. I’ve just tried to stay true to myself and do the best I can – and remain in touch with my own unique community.”

The Toughest Part

“Time. I have written thousands of posts in my head – it’s not content ideas that are the challenge! Taking, editing, and uploading images, writing the post, editing it, and sharing it on social media. It all takes a lot of time. I do this for love in my free time – it’s not my job (although most people assume it is!).”

Signature Dishes

“A casserole with meat and broad beans, chocolate and apricot tart, and of course custard (only the latter is on my blog!)”

Cooking Style

“From scratch, down to earth, wholesome, homemade, and moreish.”

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