Seeking Wellness Abroad

wellnessWith the popularity of medical tourism at an alltime high, it’s no surprise that wellness resorts are also being sought out amongst those seeking specialized wellness programs abroad. HEALTH learns more.

Gold standard

The Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya, Turkey recently opened this summer with its main visiting nationalities coming from: Turkey, GCC region, Russia, the CIS countries, and
Europe. In the nearly 40 years since their first wellness resort opened its doors, Canyon Ranch® has become the gold standard for healthy living vacations. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and the expertise of their professionals  – helps ensure that their guests are able to feel the full power of healthy living.

The programs

Hike all day with an expert guide or delve into your inner world with life management experts. Consult with world-class physicians and medical professionals. To help you get the most out of your time with them, they have knowledgeable program advisors to help you plan your perfect stay. If your goal is to explore your potential for optimal health, they offer the Canyon Ranch Medicine; an advanced, preventive practice offering a depth of knowledge and level of personal attention you simply will not find anywhere else. And if you need to heal – physically or emotionally – you will find an environment where everything is geared toward helping you restore balance in your life.

Their team

Their highly qualified team is the key to the comfort, pleasure and transformative potential of your stay at Canyon Ranch. Expert physicians, nurses and integrative health care practitioners with specialties include: personalized preventive medicine, physiotherapy, weight loss and holistic approaches to pain management. There are also licensed medical providers with advanced degrees and a wide range of specialties and experience. Nutritionists are all registered dietitians with extensive nutrition counseling experience and advanced degrees to assist with lifestyle modification. Exercise physiologists, including fitness specialists with advanced degrees and specialized education, certified athletic trainers and fitness instructors with a vast array of sports-specific training
from creative dance to weight training and Pilates will help you get in shape while the outdoor sports guides are there for water sports, hiking and biking in and around the Kaplankaya area. There are even speakers to provide engaging presentations on wellness topics; all of which enable an extremely rewarding stay and boost in optimal wellness.

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