The Basics of Airplane Etiquette

These days, flying has become more challenging than ever with tighter security regulations and cramped seating. Health reveals some golden rules for airline travel to make the journey more pleasant.


With armrests, try to work out a viable solution so both you and the passenger next to you can be comfortable during the journey. Also, think twice about reclining your seat as far back as possible as it lessens the amount of space the passenger has behind you.


If you like to chat, but sense the passenger next to you has no interest in doing so, respect this. If you are flying with family, speak in a lower tone of voice, especially when the majority of passengers are sleeping.


As you are boarding the flight, hold your carry-on bag in front of you and store your bag under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment adjacent to your seat.


Be cautious with food trays and hot liquids. Take care when you open the plastic salad dressing, condiments, and beverage containers as they splatter easily.


Consider your seat as your domain and keep it tidy by disposing any unwanted litter in the bin, not in the pocket of the seat in front of you. Also, if you remove your shoes, be sure to wear clean socks to avoid any bad odors.

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