Transform Your Life With the Power of Color


Beyond the color of our Walls at home and the Clothes we wear, color Plays a significantly Strong role in our lives In many ways. To learn More, health speaks With mark wentworth, Founder of color for life And creator of the color Psychodynamic method Who reveals how we Can reach our highest Potential with the help Of color.

How it Works
“Each of us is made up of many colors, and we all have our own unique color code; this is what I call a Color Profile. It is this profile that helps us understand how we relate to the world; it shows our overall life potential and our natural born talents. The Color Profile gives us information on how we best deal with issues that arise in life, be they physical, emotional, or mental. So when a client wants to change bad habits or understand the root causes of cravings and minor addictions, we can consult the Color Profile to see how best to work to begin the process of change.”

“When I know the colors we are working with, we can then set out on the journey to explore the root causes of the problematic behaviors. Everyone is unique and each of us has our own stories that have contributed to who we are today. Color as a therapy is one way of freeing ourselves from the stories that no longer serve us or keep us stuck in repeating patterns that belong to the past.” Try this Color

Technique at Home

  • If your bad habit or cravings had a color, what is the very first color you imagine it to be?
  • What color would be a healing color for these habits; what is the very first color you imagine?
  • Now, imagine that you are breathing in and filling yourself up completely with the healing color, and when you breathe out, you breathe out the color you have given to that which you wish to change.
  • Do this exercise on a regular basis; it can be once a day or even more, the important thing is to do it. If the colors change, let them.
  • Introduce the healing color into  your life in whatever way you wish. Some people find an image of the healing color and make it their screen-saver photo; others introduce it into their clothing or home furnishings.


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