How to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast

Bulging fat is unwelcoming and annoying, and if it is on your back, your favorite backless dress will have to remain hanging in the closet.

The common causes for extra pounds on the back are being significantly overweight, poor eating habits, lack of regular exercise, certain medical conditions, certain medicines and sometimes even genetics.

However, the level of specific hormones also has a great effect on the amount of fat in your body. Hormones like thyroxine and insulin are the major contributors to fat deposition. While low levels of thyroxine (hypothyroidism) lead to bulging back and bra flab, resistance to insulin is linked to bulging thighs and love handles.

Before you delve deeper into the process of losing pounds, it is important to understand that it is hard to circle a specific spot on the body and melt away fat. And if it is your back that you wish to tone, you may have to work really hard, for it takes full-body training and a rigorous exercise routine.

What you can do is define and focus on certain muscles in the trouble area for proper toning and sculpting. Combine this with your favorite cardio exercises and you can get the desired results in no time.

The whole process of shedding fat from the back is quite involved. You need to learn proper exercises specifically targeting your back muscles, things to do and avoid, dietary requirements and much more.

how to get rid of back fat

Here are some exercises specifically targeting your back muscles.

1. Pull-ups

pull ups to tone back fat

Pull-ups is an all-round exercise routine that tones and sculpts all the different muscles in your body, including your back muscles and your biceps.

  1. Grip a pull-up bar with your hands about shoulder-width apart and hang.
  2. Pull your body up by pulling your elbows toward the floor.
  3. Keep pulling until your chin passes the bar.
  4. Lower down until the arms are straight.
  5. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Also, you can try any of the following variations to the routine:

Normal pull-ups – Using your palms facing out, grip a bar. Pull your body up, placing all the weight on your hands. Remove your feet off the ground and go hanging. Do this twice, in sets of 10, every day.

Negative pull-ups – Hoist yourself up on something and get into a pull-up position against the bar. In a controlled movement, lower your body down slowly.

2. Dumbbell Row

dumbbell row exercise for back fat

This workout targets your arms and upper back. This not only tones your arms but also works on your back muscles to cut down static and bulging flab.

  1. Place one knee on a bench, couch or table.
  2. Grab a light dumbbell weight (3 to 5 pounds) in the opposite hand.
  3. Slightly bend forward with your back flat.
  4. Pull your arm back straight as if in a rowing position, contracting your upper back and keeping your elbow in next to your body.
  5. Do a full set of 12 and then switch arms.
  6. Do this once every day.

If you do not have dumbbells, books or any other articles of similar weight should suffice.

3. TYI Exercises

TYI exercise to burn back fat

The TYI exercise is a great routine that works on your rear delts, important posture muscles, for toning and sculpting your back.

  1. Lie on your stomach on the floor (or balance on a physio ball).
  2. Engaging your back slightly, lift your chest.
  3. Move your arms up and out into a T-position.
  4. Release and then move into a Y-position.
  5. Release and then move them into an I, with your arms reaching out straight above your head.
  6. Perform 12 to 15 sets of TYI once daily.

4. Push-ups

push ups to tone back

Push-ups is one of the most effective exercises that uses your own body weight to burn off the excess fat and tone your lower back.

  1. Get into a standard push-up position.
  2. Place your hands on the ground wider than shoulder-width apart.
  3. Engage your back and slowly lower into a contracted position toward the floor.
  4. Hold at the bottom for 3 seconds and push back up, contracting the chest.
  5. Perform a couple of sets of 10 once in the morning. As you acquire strength, you may increase the count.

5. Hip Twister Plank

hip twister plank workout for toned back

The hip twister plank is an amazing abs and back sculpting workout that trains and tones your upper and lower back, shoulders, glutes and quads.

  1. Begin in a forearm plank position.
  2. Slowly drop one hip to the ground and rotate your torso.
  3. Keep your shoulders above the elbows.
  4. Now, in a controlled motion, rotate your torso to the opposite side and drop your other hip to the floor.
  5. Stop in the middle of rotations to gain control of your balance.
  6. Do 15 to 20 repetitions once every day.

6. Tricep Dips

tricep dips for back fat

Tricep dips is a basic body weight exercise that helps tone your upper back muscles, arms and shoulders.

  1. Sit on a stable bench, chair or stair.
  2. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and elbows slightly bent.
  3. Stretch out your legs in front of you with a slight bend in the knee.
  4. Gradually with the support of your arms, lower your body toward the floor.
  5. Form a 90-degree angle at the elbows.
  6. Now, straighten your elbows and raise your body to the starting position.
  7. Complete 15 to 20 repetitions at a time. The entire down-and-up movement makes 1 repetition. Practice this once daily.

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