Men Spruce Up with our Guide

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to improve and strengthen your mind, body, and health. Apply these easy tips to look and feel your best. Improve Grooming Habits Break the monotonous cycle you’re used to and try something new. Maybe that’s switching up your shaving routine or opting for a newRead more about Men Spruce Up with our Guide[...] Read More

How to control your asthma during sandstorms

Asthma awareness is crucial when living in the uae, especially as several studies reported that sandstorms frequently cause adverse health effects on respiratory function. Read on for tips on how to control your asthma during sandstorms for a better quality of life. Fluids, especially water, are very important during sandstorms. Remember to keep hydrated orRead more about How to control your asthma during sandstorms[...] Read More

Does Your Smart Phone Control You?

So you are back from your holidays and the kids are just about to start school. Use this time to re-evaluate how much time you are spending on your smart phone. Here’s how. KEEP YOUR PHONE SOMEWHERE OUT OF REACH: Keep it in a drawer, your purse, or the other room when not required. InRead more about Does Your Smart Phone Control You?[...] Read More

Are You Making these Face Cleansing Mistakes?

Most of us cleanse our faces to get rid of the day’s grime and makeup. But did you know that you may be making some mistakes in the process and doing more harm than good? Read on to learn more. Mistake: Using Makeup Wipes to Cleanse your Face Many wipes are formulated with preservatives andRead more about Are You Making these Face Cleansing Mistakes?[...] Read More

How Much Do You Know about Breast Cancer?

Worldwide, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer and the fifth most common cause of cancer death. While speedy diagnosis and better treatment have led to a fall in mortality rates, being breast aware is essential to enhance your chances of survival. How to do a breast examination FromRead more about How Much Do You Know about Breast Cancer?[...] Read More

Gul Panag’s Optimal Health Aspirations

Not only is Gul Panag a versatile Bollywood film actress, entrepreneur, and hobby pilot, she also understands the value of optimal health and fitness. Vasujit Kalia meets with Gul to learn more. Personal Fitness “My main goal is to make sure that I do 40 to 45 minutes of sweat time daily. By this, IRead more about Gul Panag’s Optimal Health Aspirations[...] Read More

Epitomizing Luxury from the UAE… The Orphic

With a focus on trends and a deeprooted love for fashion, Emirati sisters Mariam and Amna Al Mualla launched The Orphic – a brand created for fashion forward, yet discerning Arab women who prefer the finest fabrics and elaborate embroidery on fashion created by hand in the UAE. HEALTH meets the dynamic duo to learnRead more about Epitomizing Luxury from the UAE… The Orphic[...] Read More

The Space

Creating the perfect home spa experience is something that Carla Conte, founder and creative director at Brand Creative— which revamps and conceptualizes the interiors for spas across the GCC — understands well. She reveals how to create that home spa experience. The Need “With our busy lifestyles and constant connectivity to the online world, IRead more about The Space[...] Read More

What to Look for When Buying Sunglasses

Many of us purchase a pair of sunglasses based purely on aesthetic appeal. But the reality is that sunglasses are something that should be taken very seriously. Here are three key factors to look for when making the investment. A good fit: Be sure that your sunglasses fit very well otherwise you may be lessRead more about What to Look for When Buying Sunglasses[...] Read More

Holiday Travel Made Easy with Children

With the summer season here, many of us are busy planning and preparing to travel. Yet for those of us with children, planning in advance is vital to Ensuring a successful and happy holiday. Check out our suggestions. Get the kids involved: From planning to packing, children need to be involved in every step alongRead more about Holiday Travel Made Easy with Children[...] Read More