When Your Guests Don’t Get Along


Having guests over for any occasion is a challenge; with the planning, the menu, the decorations, and the overall effort that goes into it. But if your guests don’t hit it off, it can make it all the more difficult. Here are some ways to help thaw the ice between guests…

The Ideal Situation
In order to have a successful event, a host should ideally possess good communication skills and also be aware of the dynamics between certain groups of people. The whole idea behind having a party is to have fun, bring people together, and create beautiful memories.

Tips to Make it Work

  • Invite people that you know will have things to talk about, and that don’t have a lot of drama between them—this way all of the guests will enjoy their time and without tension and negative energy.
  • Inform your guests in advance of the guest list so they can decide whether or not they want to be placed into the situation.
  • To ensure your guests are comfortable, be sure that you know your guests to a certain degree.
  • Plan games and add a sense of structure to your gathering, rather than leaving long gaps of silence.
  • Make sure you have a few general conversation points ready to bring to the table that covers the common interests of your guests and to help stimulate conversation.
  • Avoid sensitive topics regarding politics, religion, or even work.
  • Keep your guests in close proximity by having the party in an area which will deter individuals from standing off in corners alone.
  •  Be sure everyone is given the chance to introduce themselves and add a brief bit of background to spark interest.
  • When stuck in a situation where guests don’t get along,  it is important to know your guests-know what they like, dislike, who they get along with and don’t get along with.
  • Always have something fun planned which will allow people to step outside of their normal self and loosen up.
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