Lifestyle and Fertility Changes in Men


Our fast-paced, super-hectic, and Sedentary lifestyles have long Been held responsible for health Adversities. Besides affecting Our immune system with toxins And unhealthy diets, one of the Dire impacts has been declining Male infertility. Health speaks To fertility expert Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav who explains the link Between lifestyle and fertility in Men.

Smoking has long been hailed as a cancer causing and health tarnishing habit. Time and again, several scientific studies have provided evidence that smoking has a direct effect on male fertility. The more a man smokes, the more abnormal looking his sperm will be, the lower his sperm count will be, and the less motile the sperm being produced will be. These effects are similar to smoking sheesha and most men have a tendency to deny and defend this habit by arguing that their fathers and forefathers smoked and still bore many children. However, the fact remains that no two individuals react in similar manner to a toxin and moreover, previous generations weren’t exposed to as many toxins as today’s men are.

There are professions where men deal with substances that harm their fertility. These include professions that involve chemicals, solvents, pesticides/fertilizers, and lead-based paints. There
is also emerging evidence to suggest that airline cabin crew and airplane pilots have decreased fertility because of the radiation they’re exposed to in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Whilst
it is not always possible to switch professions to avoid these risks, it is possible to wear the correct protective gear and clothing to reduce the extent of exposure.

Sperm production is extremely sensitive to a rise in temperature; therefore, the use of laptops placed on one’s lap for extended periods exposes the sperm to direct heat and radiation, which is detrimental to their production. This is a risk that can easily be eliminated by using laptops on tabletop surfaces.

Closer to earth (and home) the culprit is plastic. Plastic Tupperware and bottles release bisphonols over time. These chemicals have an estrogenic effect, which directly impairs spermatogenesis.

Excess Weight Gain
Weight gain and inactivity causes an increase in fat that converts testosterone into estrogen. The need for exercise and fitness becomes imperative and men should strive to maintain their BMI at
less than 25.

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