The Wave of the Future…. Bio-identical Hormones

Bioidentical hormonesHEALTH meets with Integrative Nutritionist Guillaume Safah who explains the importance of bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT).

Q. What are bio-identical hormones and what is the main difference between this and bio-synthetic hormones?

Safah: Bio-identical hormones mean biologically identical, an exact replica of the hormones that we make in our bodies. Molecule to molecule, they look and act the same as our own hormones. These are plant derived from yam or soy, extracted and synthesized in a lab to exactly replicate
human hormones. On the other hand, synthetic hormones are drugs, coming from sources that we do not find in nature, so their molecular structure is different from hormones our bodies produce. The most famous form of synthetic hormones is Premarin and Prempro, derived from the urine of pregnant horses.

Q. What do hormones do?

Safah: Hormones regulate all body systems, internally and externally, mentally and physically. As we age, our hormone levels decline: They peak between 14 and 18 years of age and start declining around age 40. Anti-aging medicines diagnoses the person’s hormone level or deficiencies and supplement them to normal or physiological levels with bio-identical hormones. No anti-aging protocol is successful without addressing and replacing lost or declining hormones with bioidentical hormones.

Q. Who is BHRT indicated for?

Safah: Everyone can benefit from BHRT. Today doctors are treating serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and HIV with bioidentical hormones. Bio-identical hormones regulate all body systems. They make the body functions better. We are made from electricity and hormones. The first controls our movements, the latter controls everything else. Organs, glands, tissues, hair, nails, and skin need hormones. The ill can benefit extremely from BHRT, but also those who want to keep their health at optimal level and delay the aging process can safely take bioidentical hormones. Of course people must always work with an anti-aging professional to decide on the best dosage for each individual.

Q. How do they help with anti-aging?

Safah: In medicine, we optimize levels of hormones that follow the lifecycle in a human. Keeping these levels year after year by supplementing with bioidentical hormones will delay the aging process, giving the body the tools to operate at its best capacity.

Q. How is BHRT used?

Safah: Bio-identical hormones are compounded as trans-dermal creams or capsules and there are over 3,000 compounding pharmacies in the US and Canada. Bio-identical hormones are extracted from plants and compounded and modified to become an exact, atom-to-atom match of the hormones produced in the body. They are compounded as trans-dermal creams or capsules. HGH is injectable.

Q. Is BHRT prescribed by a doctor?

Safah: Many BHRT, with the exception of the hormones melatonin and DHEA, are sold by prescription. Hormone levels must be checked by a blood or saliva tests (saliva is by far the most accurate one) then the dosage is prescribed by a health care professional or a doctor. They can be taken without any kind of symptoms to combat the aging process. Some believe that we don’t die because we age, but rather because our
hormones decline as we age.

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