Throwing A Party Without Taking A Bite Out Of Your Budget

partyThe festive season means more get-togethers and lots of fun times with good food, great ambiance, and parties. HEALTH takes a look at hosting a great party, yet still staying within a budget.


Irrespective of the size and type of party you are planning to host, pre-planning your budget for the venue is key to staying within the confines of an outlined budget. Invitations are the start to your party planning, so think out of the box; use your creativity—try customized e-invitations or even Instagram or Snapchat videos, all personalized with the theme, venue, and details of your party.

The most important factor

What food you served in your party will always be remembered so plan this step very carefully. Think finger foods, dips with crudités, pita triangles, and lots of cut up fresh vegetables to add
color. Crostini and bread sticks can be served with a variety of dips. Mini kebobs can be turned into sliders while mini baked potatoes can be served with salsa, cheese, and sour cream.

The drinks

Invest in a beautiful punch bowl. Mix strawberry jelly with carbonated sodas and create a beautiful red fruit punch, garnished with floating sliced fruit and mint leaves. Creating the mood Skip the temptation to fill your home with bouquets of fresh flowers and instead, use candles, fresh fruit bowls and candy jars to add a touch of festivity.

Return gifts

Here, presentation is key; purchase small Mason jars and fill them with homemade cookies or candies. Use inexpensive coffee mugs and fill them with premium dates.

Other Party Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

  • Movie Night: Create a cinema like experience, complete with popcorn, nachos and salsa, and lots of finger foods. Add a row of chairs and sit back and enjoy the movie.
  • The Friday Brunch: Recreate that Friday brunch ambiance with small tables set up with themed dishes; for example, one table with breads on one side and breakfast items on another; another table with curries and rice. Don’t forget to add a variety of sweet treats.
  • The Dessert Party: Ask everyone to bring one dessert from their native country and be prepared to explain a bit about it. You can provide the fresh fruit salad and cupcakes alongside tea/coffee.

Tips for Throwing a Fabulous Party on a Budget

  • Don’t invite too many people! Keep the party at six to eight people including yourself.
  • Prep soups, salads, and appetizers to save you time and enable you to focus on enjoying the party.
  • Serve many items, but in smaller portions, which not only saves money, but also allows people to sample each offering
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