Arab Health – Day 4 – Top 5 Daily Highlights


Lord Stephen Carter CBE, Group CEO, Informa, London, UK welcomed the Leaders in Healthcare Conference, highlighting the benefits of personalised medicine he said “The rise of customer focus is what personalised medicine is all about; the right treatment, for the right person at the right time. The benefit of that is not only that is better for the person and the individual, but it serves to reduce the incidence of adverse reaction to drugs, it increases the efficacy of treatments, and improves the healthcare outcomes. “

3D printing in surgery conference explores the benefits of 3D printed models in surgery

Speaking at the 3D Printing congress, Dr David Morales, Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart Institute, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital explored the benefits of 3D printing in surgery.  “Incorporating 3D printing into simulation-based heart care training curriculum is beneficial in terms of knowledge acquisition and structural conceptualisation.” 3D printing is of great educational value in terms of providing a tool for patients and carers to understand complex procedures, for residents and nurses to conceptualise cases, and for surgical training. “3D printing is a paradigm shift in imaging to support procedural planning to improve outcomes, education at all levels, and innovative research” 

Creative France, campaign empowered by Business France highlights the healthcare industry

Business France brings the Creative France campaign to Arab Health to highlight France’s legacy in the medical field. France has been a pioneer in healthcare since 19th century, when Laënnec invented the stethoscope, Robiquet and Gerhardt formulated codeine and aspirin, respectively, and Pasteur founded microbiology. This tradition continues today at some of the world’s top research centers, including Institut Pasteur, the Vision Institute and the National Institute of Sleep.

Pharmaceutical giants such as Sanofi, Bayer AG and AbbVie have also chosen to make the country their home. The campaign highlights major innovations that continue to emerge from France, including the artificial heart, the Lyoc drug manufacturing method and NeuroSpin molecular imaging technology for brain research.

French ambassador to the UAE, Michel Miraillet, visited the French Pavilion to welcome the Creative France campaign and highlight France’s role in the industry. 

BD, a leading global medical technology company, unveiled a state-of-the-art pharmacy solution for preparing intravenous (IV) medication

90 percent of hospital patients receive an IV medication during their stay.1 However, a manual IV preparation process is prone to errors, with an average error rate of 9 percent for chemotherapy, injectables and infusions that provide patients with nutrition. In addition, 7 percent to 15 percent of oncology budgets are spent on infusions that are prepared but never get used3 resulting in unnecessary waste and expense.

The new BD CatoTM  Medication Solution provides a simplified way for hospitals to manage IV medication to help improve safety and reduce waste. The integrated software and hardware solution enables safe and accurate IV prescribing and compounding through improved communication and coordination between physicians and pharmacists.

Getinge Group launches the new branding/ company set up on Arab Health 2016

Arab Health is the first global event Getinge group has attended to show our new operation under the three brands of ArjoHuntleigh, Getinge and Maquet. We focus on solutions for patient mobility, for infection control and therapies for surgical interventions, interventional cardiology and intensive care. We are uniting under one brand to present a truly integrated concept, providing advanced 360 solutions and care to the region.

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