‘Azyan Unboxes Five Effective Tips for Women’s Mental Wellness and Mindfulness

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Sara Al Nabulsi

Mindfulness and mental wellness form the core of a joyous life for women and hence these should be considered as utmost priorities while looking at overall wellbeing. A session titled ‘An Interactive Guide to Mindfulness: Improve Your Quality of Life’ addressed the need to achieve mindfulness, at the Azyan Exhibition and Conference, Al Jawaher Reception & Convention Centre. The four-day fashion, beauty, and wellness event Azyan is being held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs.

Coinciding with Wellness Day, the insightful session with Dr. Sarah El Nabulsi, a clinical psychologist and counsellor, highlighted different methods and most effective evidence-based approaches to developing mindfulness and achieving life satisfaction to improve the quality of life.

During the session, Dr. El Nabulsi offered insightful tips that can help women improve their mental health, and regain a peaceful inner state and have a better life that reflects positively on their beauty, healthy skin and physical health, thereby making them a source of happiness and joy.

Understand the language of brain

The first step, Dr. El Nablusi said was to be able to understand the language of the brain.

She further explained that the right side of the brain is responsible for reading and comprehending the language of emotions, while the left side controls the rational language, and the cerebral cortex is responsible for the language of consciousness.

El Nabulsi said, “Understanding the three languages helps women get rid of their fears, increase their self-confidence, and strengthen their will to resolve any conflicts. These languages can be understood and developed by practicing them constantly.”

Develop self- consciousness and a heightened sense of self-awareness

Self-development is one of the most important steps that can help women improve their psychological health, said El Nabulsi. She added, “Self-knowledge is one of the most important tips that can help improve women’s mental health, because being psychologically healthy will enable them to make the right decisions and change their lifestyles.”

She advised women to practice special techniques that enable them to understand the ‘language of self-consciousness’ that in turn helps them manage stress in their daily lives, and makes sure it does not affect them negatively.

Set your goals high!

Highlighting the need to set goals in life, Dr. El Nabulsi noted that multiplicity of our goals is one of the common mistakes that we make in our lives. She advised women to first identify their goals and not to set more than one or two goals a year so that they can achieve them.

“Multiple goals may create dispersion and consequently indecision – this leads to non-commitment. This is bound to happen as no change in lifestyle can be materialised overnight. It is a multi-stage process, wherein we need to take into account that some goals need real will and might not be very easy to achieve,” she emphasised.

Practice mediation and breathing exercises

Learning the right breathing techniques can benefit one in a powerful way, Dr. El Nabulsi stated. She advised women to find time for themselves urging them to sit alone for minimum 20 minutes a day, in the morning and evening, as this daily practice will prove as a source of inner peace for them, reformulating the process of connecting the mind and body. This will, she said, help women improve their mood and enjoy a stress-free life, with a healthy body, mind and soul.

For this purpose, Dr. El Nabulsi also advised women to practice meditation and yoga, as well as explore the ‘transcendental meditation’ technique to detach themselves from anxiety and promote harmony and self-realisation through meditation.

“Exercising and indulging in mediation and yoga can regulate the breathing process and enable the body to avoid stress.” she said.

Get rid of self-judgment

Living in the present has many benefits that go beyond just mindfulness. Emphasising on the need to get rid of self-judgement, Dr. El Nabulsi recommended women to refrain from thinking of the past and the future, and rather focus on the present.

“If women do so, this will be a source of strength that empowerment that would help them to develop their capabilities, explore their potential, and achieve their goals,” she stressed.

She highlighted the importance of positive energy in one’s life saying that it has an important influence in self-improvement and also plays a part in optimistically influencing lives of people who live around them.

Canadian-Lebanese Dr. El Nabulsi has vast experience in the art and science of self-development and psychotherapy. She has a record of professional and academic achievements, and is known for helping many people overcome psychological diseases and conditions in order to restore balance in their lives, using the latest research methods and techniques in psychology.

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