Chronic nasal issues resolved through successful Septorhinoplasty

surgerySeptember 9, 2015; Ras Al Khaimah…………19-year-old Ege Karakas was suffering from chronic snoring, nasal blockage and, at times, headaches.The Turkish teenagerwasalso not happy with the hump on her nasal bridge and wanted that removed. Examining her problem, by Dr Magdy Thakeb, Senior Consultant and head of the department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) at RAK Hospital, diagnosed that Karakas was suffering from nasal blockage due to deviated nasal septum with large nasal dorsum bony cartilaginous hump. He suggested septorhinoplasty as the most appropriate corrective measure that will take care of both her concerns.

The delicate procedure entails plastic surgery of the nose to not only reshape it as desired, but to correct the structural problems of the nose including nasal block. Incisions are made inside the nose by the surgeon to access the bones and cartilage that support the nose. Once the required procedure is over (removing some bone or cartilage), the skin and tissue replaced again. A splint supports the new shape of the nose while it heals.  This procedure is called reduction septorhinoplasty by closed technique.

The closed rhinoplasty surgery, which took one-and-a-half to two hours, went well and a happy Karakas is now leading a sinus trouble-free life with a more beautiful face.

“I opted for closed rhinoplasty because it does not leave scars, as is the case with open technique,” said Dr Thakeb, adding, “Sinusitis is quite prevalent in the UAE, often beginning with common cold that swells the nasal mucous membrane and deviated nasal septum is one of the predisposing factors.”

Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director of RAK Hospital said: “Given the high prevalence of nasal cavity and sinus infection in the region, we need to equip ourselves with required protection and medical assistance to counter the allergies. We are proud to say that RAK Hospital is doing this job with responsibility and we promise to make further inroads into improving technology to fight this disease”.

A completely satisfied Ms Ege Karakas added that she feels, “light and wonderful” after the surgery.

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