Corporations offered free nutrition talks to help employees fight unhealthy habits

Dubai, UAE: Kcal, the Dubai-headquartered Healthy Fast Food brand, is partnering with major corporations to bring the benefits of a healthier nutrition and lifestyle into everyday life. This initiative has already been embraced by corporations keen to promote the rewards of a lifestyle change, whose aim is to pave the way for a fuller, happier life and ultimately reflects on the workplace as well.

nutritionQuoting a recent World Health Organization figure, Mark Carroll, who co-founded Kcal with Andreas L. Borgmann, insisted that adequate nutrition can raise productivity by 20% on average. “Corporate Wellness”, he added, “doesn’t just mean happy working environments, it also means the importance of eating well in the workplace and offering something to one’s employees to help them achieve a more balanced life.”

This initiative sees a Kcal nutritionist offer participating corporations an educative and interactive talk, which also reveals some curious and shocking facts, along with the healthy tips necessary to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives. Andreas L. Borgmann added that “studies have demonstrated that workers who eat healthy meals are more energetic and focused, have better job performance and a lower absenteeism rate.”

The talks, which last around 30 minutes, are followed by Q&A sessions, and by the chance to taste healthy versions of Kcal savoury and sweet favourites. “You will find out that you don’t need to sacrifice the food you love to be healthy” insisted Kcal nutritionist Dona M. Mesmar, during a recent such session, which was also accompanied by a free body composition assessment, along with other tailor-made advice, and a healthy tips booklet for easy reference.

The brain-child of Mark Carroll and Andreas L Borgmann, two passionate and dynamic entrepreneurs, Kcal has quickly risen to prominence within the industry, delivering on what customers were looking for. Breaking away from the traditional fast-food offerings, Kcal’s platform is a radical change that has seen customers embrace enthusiastically the wide selection of calorie-controlled healthy fast food available on their appealing menu, either in their outlet network or through Kcal Extra, the parallel bespoke delivery service business pillar, presently serving thousands of meals per week.

Kcal’s success has already been sanctioned with the People’s Choice in SME’s Stars of Business Awards 2014. In parallel, the company is actively engaged in an expansion drive that will see it roll out up to 14 outlets in Egypt as of early 2015, ahead of other regional developments.

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