“Enlightened Visions” a spiritual perspective on healing

“Enlightened Visions” – a solo exhibition of artworks by Pari Sagar from 4th of July till 30th of September 2018 at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre

Art has always been linked with healing effects. In an effort to improve patients’ wellbeing and create meaningful connections between mental and physical health, Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) in collaboration with Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai will be showcasing the artworks of renowned artist, Pari Sagar, for a three months period. The show opens on the 4th of July from 7:00pm and will be inaugurated by Mr. Yasser Al Gergawi – Director of Cultural Events at the Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development.

Bourn Hall Fertility Centre has opened its space to offer an opportunity to local artists to display their works and in turn give patients a positive outlook and a warm, welcoming environment when visiting the Clinic.

Pari Sagar – Artist says, “The centre will be adorned by art, each work has history, a story that has been created by reflecting on emotions through colours, rhythm and space. My works are a representation of hope, faith and love in their purest essence. They create a mirror of one’s inner self; to touch the side of one’s personality that is rarely shown in public.”
The Art Showcase opens to the public on 4th of July at 7:00pm, with a tour of the exhibition followed by an introductory session on Theta Healing by Pari Sagar who is also a certified Theta healer.

“Theta Healing facilitates improvements in your belief systems and physical body. It is a meditative technique that allow you to go into a deep state where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode” explains Pari.

The Artworks will be on display from the 4th of July till the 30th of September at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre. All of the works will be for sale, making it an ideal opportunity to purchase original artwork at reasonable prices.

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