Eric Favre Paris Aequo Caviar Day Cream

EFP-AEQUO-COSMETIC-CREME-DE-JOUR-HDDubai, UAE, 15th June 2015: Eric Favre has developed many ingredients and molecules recognized in the scientific field while travelling around the world. The products that are developed have proven to be effective and have great results that could be noticed in a very short period of time. This Latest AEQUO range created by exclusive formulas was inspired by the wealth that nature has to offer. The skin care line has a range of 4 products, which include The Caviar Day Cream, The Caviar Night Cream, The H.A Serum Wrinkle Filler and The Blue Lotus Stem Cells Serum. All these products work together to give you a younger, more glowing skin that radiates off your beauty and reflects it from within.

The Caviar Day Cream

The Caviar Day Cream is rich in many rare and exceptional active ingredients such as the Caviar Extract. It prevents skin ageing by stimulating and regenerating cellular structures. In addition, it protects against dehydration and reduces the wrinkles and fine lines while nourishing and revitalizing the skin.  For best results is should be applied in the morning to a perfectly cleansed face and neck. The Caviar Day Cream also works as an excellent makeup base. 

The Caviar Night Cream 

The night is the most important time for your skin because your cells are going through a renewal phase. The Caviar Night Cream takes advantage of the calm and serenity of the night and targets the heart of your skin cells. This Night Cream provides your skin with a youthful look while preventing wrinkles. It also reduces those already present through a regenerating cellular structure. In addition, it protects against dehydration, frees radicals, nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Every morning, your face is rested, smoother, and younger. Your beauty is revealed and you will feel Ageless. The Caviar Night Cream also works wonders on soothing sensitive skin

H.A Serum Wrinkle Filler 

H.A Serum Wrinkle Filler is a melting and silky care that slides over the skin leaving an ultra smoothing imperceptible film. 
The face looks perfectly smooth and refreshed. Fine lines and wrinkles are erased thanks to The Hyaluronic Filling Sphere. Pores are tightened and complexions are enhanced thanks to The Soft Focus Pigments. H.A Serum should be applied with one’s fingertips to the concerned zones (wrinkles, fine lines, dilated pores). 
It is best to be used after The Caviar Day Cream for extraordinary looking skin.

Blue Lotus Stem Cells Serum

Blue Lotus Stem Cells Serum has powerful antioxidants and antiradical activities. This Serum helps slow the natural ageing process and maintains cellular balance. 
It gives your skin a soft, velvety feel while it intensively revitalizes the skin. It works by filling the fine lines and wrinkles with Hyaluronic Acid. To use the serum Break the top of the vial. Spread the serum directly on the skin or mix it in The Caviar Day Cream or The Caviar Night Cream. Gently massage desired area until the skin completely absorbs the serum. It is recommended that you apply one vial every seven days. For skin with intensive complications apply vial every three days for a month.

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