Eucerin® In-Shower Body Lotion for sensitive skin deeply moisturises your skin before you even step out of the shower

Dubai, October 11 2015: The new Eucerin® In-Shower Body Lotion with 5% dexpanthenol (which is provitamin B5) is used in the shower straight after cleansing the skin and rinsed off after a few seconds. The advantage: you no longer need to moisturize after showering. Just dry yourself and get immediately dressed!

Thereare plenty of reasons why people don’t like to apply body lotions. 49% of non-users state not finding the time to moisturise their skin as the main barrier. Furthermore, 28% do not like the sticky feeling body lotion leaves on their skin.[1] Especially men often don’t like the unpleasant, greasy feel when body lotion sticks to their usually stronger body hair. However, many people with normal to sensitive skin seem to be unaware of how important moisturising is in strengthening the skin’s defences – 39% only use body lotion occasionally.*

“The skin protects us from environmental factors and stops the body from losing moisture,” said Anette Bürger of the Eucerin Product Development at Beiersdorf AG. “To keep the skin strong, it is important to provide it with sufficient moisture regularly – and sensitive skin in particular requires special care,” she continued.

A new skin care routine

Eucerin® In-Shower Body Lotion is applied to the wet skin while showering, thus providing a convenient and time-saving way to moisturise the skin.It consists of a blend of lipids that are finely distributed in water via a dispersion process. Anette Bürger explained: “This innovative hydrodispersion technology was developed in our laboratories and ensures that the product remains on the wet skin and can be absorbed quickly, even though it has been rinsed off. It is formulated without emulsifier, but still manages to form a stable combination of the oil and water phase. Together with the right combination of raw materials this new formula ensures that the amount left on the skin is sufficient to effectively moisturise the skin and strengthen the skin barrier after regular use.”

Mild yet effective for sensitive skin

The mild formula of the first In-Shower Body Lotion available at pharmacies is particularly well suited for sensitive skin. “Eucerin® In-Shower Body Lotion contains 5% dexpanthenol, which soothes the skin while effectively providing it with moisture,” said Anette Bürger. “In this way, it boosts the skin’s natural protective function.” The result: smooth and protected skin.

Eucerin® In-Shower Body Lotion should be applied in the following steps:

  1. First, clean your skin with your normal shower products, e.g. the Eucerin® pH5 Wash Lotion or the Eucerin® pH5 Shower Oil for dry skin and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Briefly turn off the water and moisturise your body with the Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion® in the shower. Thanks to the innovative formula, the skin can absorb the moisturisers quickly.
  3. Briefly rinse off, dry yourself off and get dressed as usual – for smooth and protected skin without any sticky feeling.

Eucerin® In-Shower Body Lotion does not contain emulsifying agents. Its efficacy and skin-tolerability has been proven in clinical and dermatological studies.

“Not only were we able to show that enough product remains on the skin, but we could also prove the skin smoothing, moisturising and barrier strengthening benefit of the In-Shower Body Lotion in efficacy studies”, Anette Bürger explained. “Furthermore, we conducted two clinical studies that showed a very good efficacy and tolerability even on patients with sensitive skin or skin diseases”, she added. 

Eucerin® pH5 Sensitive Skin care and cleansing range to strengthen sensitive skin while showering:


Eucerin® In-Shower Body Lotion, 400 ml, AED 105


Eucerin® pH5 Wash Lotion, 400 ml, AED 83

Eucerin® pH5 Shower Oil, 400 ml, AED 122

Eucerin® products are available to purchase in leading pharmacies and on

Anette Bürger has been leading the team Eucerin Product Development Sun, Acne, Cleansing, Hair & Deo since 2013. Before taking over this position she worked as a Lab Manager in Product Development for the categories NIVEA Bath-Care, Florena and NIVEA Deodorant for several years. She is not new to Eucerin though, having worked for the brand already as a Junior Manager from 2002 to 2006 and developing several Eucerin Face Care products like Anti-Redness, Hyaluron-Filler or Anti-Pigment. Anette Bürger studied food chemistry at the LMU Munich and has a diploma in pharmacy from the University of Vienna. After having gained experience in foodstuff inspection and public pharmacy she joined Beiersdorf in 2000.

*Source: GfK Custom Research, Usage & Attitude Study Body Care, Germany, October 2010 

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