Go blue – the Circle needs YOU!

beat diabetesWhat are you doing to make sure you’re in optimal health for the nation’s 44th National Day celebrations? Are you joining the Circle? The Blue Circle that is, raising global awareness of Diabetes, a disease afflicting 2 million people in the UAE alone.  Don’t miss out, be part of the movement and come down to Lifeline Hospital Jebel Ali on Friday 27 November between 11am and 5pm for the Defeat Diabetes Campaign, a lively and fun filled event in recognition of World Diabetes Day.  Join this expanding community of supporters (over 415 million members worldwide) and learn the secrets of managing the disease.  All participants will receive a Diamond gift voucher for a discount at Jewel Corner. In addition, everyone will get a chance to Spin and Win the Blue Wheel of Fortune for discounts on a wide range of other services offered by Lifeline Hospital.

Every diabetic knows that complications such as blindness can occur when blood sugar levels are left unstable for too long, which means monitoring one’s levels is very important.  At Lifeline Hospital on Friday 27th, participants will receive complimentary blood sugar testing, as well as cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which can also indicate complications. For those with elevated sugars, eye and feet check-ups are also provided.

So come join the Circle, enjoy the festivities and dance the blues – and high sugars – away. The fun begins at 11am and winds down at 5pm, giving plenty of time to enjoy all that the campaign has to offer. Get a head start on becoming a happy, healthy nation for the 44th National Day and Let’s Defeat Diabetes together!

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