LPG Launches Wellbox® a Smart Solution For your Pamper-me Home Spa

Wellbox® a Smart SolutionDubai, UAE, August 19th 2014:LPG has designed a smart beauty device, called Wellbox that can level up your skincare routine. This revolutionary anti-aging and body-slimming device with its sleek and modern design can take place of pride in your modern home to help you maintain healthy, youthful and glowing skin in the comfort of your own home.

Based on French technology and designed by renowned skin care specialists, Wellbox stops the signs of aging at the cellular level. It delivers visibly younger skin, clearer complexion, reduced wrinkles, and re-sculpts your body for a firmer skin and refined figure. You can use it as much as you want and anytime you feel like you need a boost.

Practical and Portable.

White, sleek and attractively curved, Wellbox is a compact collection of intelligent accessories designed to allow easy and natural stimulation of your skin every day, at home or on holiday, in complete freedom.

Powerful, Effective and Non-aggressive.

What principle guided the LPG engineers in the design? It is to stimulate the skin’s surface to generate deep boosting effects. The micro-pulsations created by the Lift treatment heads encourage your collagen and elastin “factories” to produce better quality and volumes, helping your skin to maintain its density, firmness and youth for longer.


The Wellbox technology is multi-purpose: it helps to refresh a tired complexion in the morning, eliminate dark circles, drain the face, boost radiance, smooth and prevent wrinkles, and firm the skin. Its all-round action also helps to sculpt the figure and tone the skin.

Your secret weapon for firm skin

A Wellbox is a wise long-term investment in your skin’s future! Exercising your fibroblasts today means greater firmness tomorrow and beyond. Denser, more rounded and plumper skin, more clearly defined facial contours and a firm neck, with no aggressive action required. All of these in a compact device, that is 100% in your favour. Wellbox technology helps you to maintain the firmness of your face and neck all year round. A stimulation programme designed for use from age of forty (or before!) to prevent and reduce, as far as possible, sagging of the skin, in particular around the facial contours.

With Wellbox, you can create your own home spa where you can have your daily pampering, your sacred me-time to detox and relax, rejuvenate to regain your senses. It can instantly give you a much-needed facelift before you go for work or a business meeting, before you attend a special cocktail or dinner party, or before a romantic date.

With its sleek ‘pod’ design, it is compact, portable, lightweight and easy-to-transport. Convenient and practical to carry with you during travels, make Wellbox a mainstay of your beauty regime.

Reinvent your daily beauty routine with the Wellbox and enjoy a younger you, taking years off your face and body.

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