Nomad Inception makes an entry in UAE market with a promise to revive geometric art

Nomad InceptionUnited Arab Emirates; November 12, 2014:Nomad Inception, a company formed by the entrepreneurial vision and the multiple passion of two brothers Luis Fernando and Julian Eduardo Molina, has recently launched in the UAE market. The company has started its operations with an aim to become the global reference in luxury architectural products inspired in Islamic arts. This vision comes in line with the designing team on-board with the company comprising of the renowned international Designers, namely Jay Bonner, Eric Broug and Jean –Marc Castera.

The Molina brothers, who come from the Information Technology world, have amalgamated their lifetime experiences in design, visual arts, physics and computer sciences, along with their fascination for geometric art rooted in Arabic tradition, lead them to a two-years-long research and development project that resulted in grasping the secrets behind the ancient art form and the programming of a set of design tools that assist in the creation of a new generation of Islamic geometric patterns.

The technology created by the Molina masterminds allows to produce the largest non-periodic geometric compositions ever created, respecting every rule of the age-old art form. The achievement represents a breakthrough, as the art form had remained unchanged for centuries, due to the immense complexity involved in arranging large compositions, a feat that the accomplished master artisans that have carried the ancient heritage through generations, could only dream of.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Julian Eduardo Molina, Co-founder of Nomad Inception said, “We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our dream venture named Nomad Inception. Both Luis and myself are entrepreneurs with a revolutionary idea. We launched ourselves into the quest to bring Arabic geometric art to the world. What is revolutionary about our idea is the strategy to achieve such ambitious goal, which means we are serializing the production of exquisite designer creations to fabricate architectural products. Our aim is to make Nomad Inception as a global reference in luxury architectural products inspired in Islamic arts.”

The first product that is launched under the Nomad Inception brand consists of Luxury Arabic Parquet Floors. The parquet floors combine the luxury of the finest precious hardwoods with the Molina brothers’ unique ability to produce the most sophisticated Islamic patterns using their exquisite designs feature ever-growing compositions that develop from the center outwards. Their creations are art pieces; the modern expression of centuries’ worth of tradition passed on through generations; they bear the load of time and embody the lost secrets of ancient artists, mathematicians and craftsmen; the mysteries of a civilization responsible for impressive scientific and technological progress along with exquisite art and literature.

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