Quality Life Medical Clinic (QLMC) Now Open in Dubai

Dubai, May 2015 – Quality Life Medical Clinic (QLMC) is now open in Dubai Marina. QLMC is the only fully comprehensive, multi-disciplinary centre dedicated to provide the complete medical and surgical care of obesity in the UAE. The clinic will treat each patient according to their individual health and lifestyle, providing a multi-disciplinary approach including medical, nutritional and psychological assessment alongside bariatric and plastic surgery where needed.

The convenient clinic location, offering valet parking and a range of non-medical VIP logistical services for all patients, but particularly those travelling from other countries, adds to the comfort of the patients, reduces stresses and helps their emotional well-being.

The medical team at QLMC includes Dr Fawaz Torab, Professor of Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery, and Dr Wayne Smith, a Professor of Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery, along with a team of dentists, dental surgeons, nutritionists, exercise therapists and even psychologists to provide a full assessment of the patient’s well-being as an integral part of the treatment programme.

Dr Fawaz, Torab said: “We have a commitment and passion for delivering quality service to our patients. With so many patients suffering from obesity and related ailments, we aim to improve their quality of life to be more connected with their bodies and their community and to help them plan for a healthier, disease-free future. Of course, most patients also want to improve their appearance which is often a driving factor in seeking obesity treatment.”

Dr Fawaz, who is specialist in laparoscopic surgery, surgical treatment of morbid obesity such as bariatric (gastric band) surgery added: “These days many patients are short on time and want to see instant results and they believe that weight-loss surgery is the answer. This type of surgery should only be done by a specialist who has assessed the patient from many different angles and found them both in need and a suitable candidate for this surgery.”

At present, statistics show that over 60% of Emirati adults suffer from obesity and this figure is expected to rise. The biggest effect is for the individual, as being overweight or obese can lead to heart disease, diabetes and many other health issues. Life expectancy is reduced by as much as 10-12 years for people that are morbidly obese. For people who are obese, it is inevitable that their quality of life suffers, as it is difficult to enjoy exercise or to move around freely. Another consequence is the lack of self-esteem. This can lead to depression, eating disorders and crash diets. Obesity in the UAE is twice that of the global rate.

In addition, data from the International Diabetes Federation to mark World Diabetes Day in November last year showed that there were 803,900 diabetics in the UAE, about 19 per cent of the population . This type of obesity related diabetes is entirely preventable if obesity is managed and treated early enough.

Dr Fawaz said: “It may be that some patients need a non-surgical approach requiring a nutritional plan, exercise, and medication. Others, may be recommended for surgery but will still require a multi-disciplinary approach to go hand in hand with surgery for optimal results. Obesity and its related illnesses are a serious problem it this region and surgery is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why the multi-disciplinary approach offered at QLMC, looking at the whole patient and not just the obesity problem, is the only way forward.”

To celebrate their launch in the UAE QLMC are offering a free full medical assessment, including nutrition, medical, cosmetic and emotional assessments, to create a tailored treatment programme. To book call 045587322or emailinfo@qlmc.ae .

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