Seychelles celebrates 11 years of compulsory education law appliance

Victoria – Seychelles, August 6, 2015

President James MichelH.E President James Michel, President of the Republic of Seychelles said that his country celebrated 11 years for applying the compulsory education law, which all Seychelles residents have pointed out spectacular for reducing dropouts’ number, opened up educational opportunities to the people of Seychelles which in turn helped them adapt to a decent lifestyle and gain better opportunities.

“Seychelles is considered top African community when it comes to education, the entire population are entitled to pursue their education, hence, everyone has a proper life today and is fairly connected to the world, which in turn promotes the image of our beloved country worldwide,” said H.E.

He noted that the government has provided over the past eleven years, all the right conditions to help families in remote areas to send their children to schools and continue their education.

He praised the UAE government for its support of the education sector in his country. “The friendly UAE has contributed to the construction of many schools, kindergartens and scientific libraries to support this sector which is essential for the future of the nation, “he said.

“Investment in education is an investment in the future, ensuring the education of our youngsters is a vertical backbone of the development process in our country, in addition to progress and prosperity. Without education we will reach nothing,” stressed the President.

He pointed out that despite the decline in financial and economic resources over the past years, they’ve applied the compulsory education law, as they highly believed that education is a right for every citizen in Seychelles; provided free of charge for everyone. “It is mandatory for each citizen aged six years, to follow their educational till high school.”

President Michel said that the move, which entered its 11th consecutive year, has contributed to the reduction of illiteracy and ignorance, raised the number of graduates from all schools, colleges and universities, therefore qualified workforce was created to fill in vital sectors such as tourism, services and manufacturing, technical and planning.

He pointed out that his government will never stop building more schools, colleges and university, plus sponsoring many students to study abroad in Asian, European and American universities to develop and return as efficient competencies and cadres specialized in various fields which are necessary to further economic developments.

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