The Sharjah Baby Friendly Campaign partakes in the 2015 international Breastfeeding Week in August

This year’s topic is ‘Back to Work’, with lectures and seminars planned by the SBFC in the Eastern and Middle Emirates

Baby Friendly Campaign

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Sharjah, August 4, 2015,

The Sharjah Baby-Friendly Campaign (SBFC) will continue its drive to foster a positive, baby friendly environment throughout the United Arab Emirates, by participating in World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August).

The topic of the week will be ‘Back to Work’ and the SBFC will host a series of educational seminars and lectures to raise awareness around breastfeeding in the work place. To show their support for WBW 2015 and to further highlight the importance of breastfeeding, residents from the Eastern Emirates and middle zone cities of Sharjah placed SBFC breastfeeding week posters on roundabouts and main roads.

Speaking on the importance of their participation in WBW 2015, Dr. Hessa Khalfan Al Ghazal, Director of the Executive Committee of the SBFC, said: “The SBFC’s focus is on providing complete breastfeeding by the close of 2015, an endeavour which aligns itself perfectly with the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action’s international breastfeeding week.

“We believe very strongly in the importance of this cause and have curated a series of lectures across the Eastern and Middle Emirates outlining the practicalities of breastfeeding once a mother has returned to work.”

In the first week of August, SBFC began their awareness raising campaign with field visits to the Eastern region, where they distributed educational materials and information on the health facilities in Kalba, Khorfkan and Dibba Alhissn.

The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action’s WBW 2015 is part of an international call to the global community to enable women to combine work and breastfeeding easily and without struggle. The drive of the campaign is to educate and inform people that whatever environment the women is working in, she is entitled to exercise her and her baby’s right to continued breastfeeding.

Guided by the WBW 2015’s slogan ‘Breastfeeding and Work, Let’s Make it Work!’ the SBFC has created a lecture designed to empower women to continue to breastfeed once they return to work. It outlines the positive benefits of sustained breastfeeding and openly discusses the realities of breastfeeding at the workplace.

Baby Friendly Campaign

The lecture also outlines best breastfeeding practices and gives advice as to why regular breastfeeding aids in milk production, as well as giving extra information to educate the audience, including guidance on correct safety procedures for sleeping with your baby, and when, where and how to express breast milk.

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