The ultimate Safe, Fast and Permanent At-home Hair Reduction System exclusively at CitrussTV

CitrussTVDubai, UAE, November 25 2015: Customers looking for safe, speedy and permanent hair removal are now able to painlessly and successfully treat themselves in the comfort and privacy of their own homes thanks to CitrussTV. The foremost multi-channel home shopping business in the Middle East and North Africa region has entered into an exclusive partnership with Iluminage Beauty to  introduce TOUCH, the first and only FDA-cleared hair removal device that is clinically proven to be safe and effective for permanent hair reduction on all skin tones and the widest range of hair colours.

“CitrussTV is excited to announce that it is the exclusive distributor in the region for the iluminageTOUCH, a ground-breaking cosmetic device that quickly and gently works to disable hair follicles for permanent and painless hair removal. This great new product is fully portable and has been designed to be used at home, thereby negating the need for inconvenient, time-consuming and costly visits to beauty centres,” said Nicolas Bruylants, co-Founder of CitrussTV.

iluminageTOUCH’s patented technology uses energy to target and disable hair follicles while at the same time deliver heat deep into the skin to effectively inhibit hair regrowth. The device is used by simply gliding it over the skin, with an average treatment taking between one and 10 minutes. The iluminageTOUCHis painless and eliminates the burning, snapping, nicks, cuts and irritation often associated with other hair removal solutions.

The iluminageTOUCH received FDA-clearance following the conducting of extensive safety, efficacy and usage studies with over 100 patients at five leading U.S. dermatologist’s sites. Used for seven weekly treatments in the trials, the iluminageTOUCH achieved up to 96 percent hair reduction at three months.  Results were maintained at 12 months after the last treatment, with an average of 70 percent hair reduction on legs where occasional touch-up treatments were performed.

IluminageTOUCH is intended for use on the body, including arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, chest, back and stomach and face, including the upper lip, side burns chin and neck. Users need to prepare the skin for treatment by first removing its surface hair. The iluminageTOUCH provides shaver and epilator accessories that can also be used with the device for a 2–in-1 treatment.

“At CitrussTV we are committed to bringing the most exciting new brands and products to the region and the iluminageTOUCH is just such a product. We make sure that we test all our new products for at least six months prior to launching them for our customers and following our extensive evaluation, I can safely say that the iluminageTOUCH is set to revolutionise the permanent hair removal procedure in the region,” added Bruylants.

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