UAE Nationals Padel Tournament 2021: Stage set for exciting main drawaction

  • A riveting week and of closely contested qualifying matches later, the field remains wide open with top seeded players in the fray.
  • Khalid Al Shamsi: While we are pleased to celebrate our achievements, we are aware that our leaders’ ambitions are to take this sport to far greater heights.
  • Organised by Matchspot, the UAE’s first padel tournament exclusively for the nationals will crown a champion on September 22, 2021, at Padel Point, Sharjah.

Dubai: Main draw action of the first edition of the UAE Nationals Padel Tournament, organised by Matchspot, officially kicks off on Sunday, September 19, after a riveting week of closely contested first round qualifying matches that saw the participation of more than 170 teams.

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The field remains wide open after the conclusion of the qualifying rounds, with top seeded players in the fray for the coveted trophy, medals and cash prizes.

After winning the qualifying rounds, three teams each from Dubai and Sharjah, two from Abu Dhabi and one each from Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah are set to go head-to-head with six teams comprising the cream of the Emirati padel talent.

The three winning teams of the Dubai qualifying rounds are Fahad Al Janahi and Abdullah Al Amiri, Ammar Al Awadhi and Omair Al Zarouni, and Ali Asharif and Mohammed Al Nuami.

The winners of the Sharjah qualifying rounds are Butti Alshuwaihi and Abderhman Mohammed, Khalid Al Kamali and Humaid Al Hajri, and Butti Sahoo and Majid Ahli. Winners from Abu Dhabi include Omar Ahli and Mohammed Al Muhairi, and Mubarak Al Ketbi and Nasser Al Ketbi. The team of Omar Alarif and Ahmed Al Awadhi will represent Ajman while Ras Al Khaimah will be represented by the team of Mohammad Al Nuami and Ahmad Jamal.

These winners will now face six teams comprising top seeded Emirati players: Abdullah Ahli and Fares Al Janahi, Saeed Al Marri and Mohammad Al Janahi, Khalid Al Shamsi and Amer Ahli, Ahmad Khalid and Mohammad Ahli, Hamad Busamnoh and Majid Al Janahi, and Salim Alhooli and Fares Al Hammadi.

Khalid Al Shamsi, Co-founder and CEO of Padel Point, thanked the UAEPadel Association for its patronage and promised to continue leveraging opportunities to promote padel as the UAE’s preferred racquet sport.

“We are extremely grateful for the guidance and support of the UAE Padel Association. Thanks to the backing of our wise leadership, padel has achieved a lot of success in the UAE. While we are pleased to celebrate our achievements, we are aware that our leaders’ expectations and ambitions are to take this sport to far greater heights. Counted among the world’s fastest growing sports today, few professional sports have the dynamic growth opportunity that padel does. We hope to continue using such opportunities to build a strong community of players and fans, and focus on positioning padel as a leading racquet sport.”

The Nationals Padel Tournament comes as a result of the vision of the country’s leaders who continue to promote and provide support for all sports and to enhance the UAE’s position as a global hub for sporting excellence.

The Nationals Padel Tournament is sponsored by Simple, The Padelers, Absolute Zero, and Padel It. Winners will be awarded a trophy and Dh5,000 in cash prizes. Runners-up will receive medals and Dh2,500 in cash.

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