World Heart Day 29 September 2015: Rashid Hospital Cardiology Departments screens 491 labourers as part of an ongoing campaign to minimize heart disease risks

Dubai, UAE. 29 September 2015: As part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness of heart disease incidence and risk factors, Rashid Hospital Cardiology Department, supported by AstraZeneca Gulf conducted free health screenings at Dubai Investment City labour accommodation last month. Today, on World Heart Day, the staggering results were announced.


Rashid Hospital volunteers screened 491 people from various nationalities, ranging in age from 25 to 55 years.  Speaking about the results, Dr Khalifa Omar Mohammed, SSR Cardiology Department Rashid Hospital, said: “Of the 491 people screened, 75% presented high levels of LDH cholesterol, 2% presented diabetes, and 60% had a body mass index of over 24. These are alarming results as the high prevalence of risks factors put these people at great risk of developing heart conditions such as a heart attack or stroke.”

“The Cardiology department at Rashid Hospital is committed to primary prevention before intervention. As such, we conduct health screenings throughout the year to reach as many people in the UAE as possible and educate them on the risks factors of heart disease, and ways in which heart complications can be prevented,” said Dr Fahad Omar Baslaib, Consultant Health of Cardiology Department Rashid Hospital.


A volunteer team from the hospital provided residents with a medical history review, blood pressure tests, glucose level checks, cholesterol screening, and a 1:1 physician consultation to provide support in educating patients on heart disease indicators and addressing risk factors.

In addition to providing health screening and identifying people at risk, Rashid Hospitals works with the camp managers to ensure those identified receive the appropriate support to address their conditions. “The cardiology department has developed a comprehensive educational programme that provides people with the right information to identify their risks, and tools to address risk factors such as high blood pressure or high glucose levels. The aim is to educate the public on how to prevent heart disease and empower people in the UAE to take action against heart complications,” added Mr Naser Jamil, Charge Nurse Cardiac Care Unit Rashid Hospital.



The next round of health screenings will take place around World Heart Day on Tuesday, September 29, where the cardiology department aims to reach as many UAE residents as possible, and further educate the UAE community on how to address the rising incidence of heart disease.

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