Silent Heart Attack in Women

heart health Defined A silent heart attack, explains Specialist Cardiologist Dr.Sharada Sivaram, is a heart attack that actually happens without the person knowing. “In this situation, there are no obvious symptoms, such as pain in the chest, shortness of breath, and cold sweats, and in fact, 45 percent of all heart attack victims suffer what’s called a silent attack,” she says. Misdiagnosis According to Dr. Sharada, women haveRead more about Silent Heart Attack in Women[...] Read More


Over 90% of population will suffer from backache during their life time. Lower backache is more common than upper backache and neck pain. It occurs mainly in the midline in the back ,but in many cases it goes up to leg and foot. It is no longer a disease of old age as it affectsRead more about BACK ACHE[...] Read More