In Search of Flawless Skin

Frustrated with working with inefficient skincare products and treatments whose formulations failed to deliver skin health, Fatma Shaheen— CEO and Founder of Skin Design London—wanted to streamline skincare products. Here she muses about the quest for flawless skin and optimal wellness. The Start Skin Design London officially launched March 2017 at Fortnum & Mason inRead more about In Search of Flawless Skin[...] Read More

Is the Need to Do It All Driving You Bonkers?

From juggling office work to dealing with the kids studies, in this age of social media, more women are taking multi-tasking to all-new levels. DHA licensed Clinical Psychologist Jyotika Aggarwal discusses the impact of frenzied multi-tasking at all levels and provides solutions to unwind. NOT NEW Multi-tasking as a role, defines what women have beenRead more about Is the Need to Do It All Driving You Bonkers?[...] Read More

Wearable Forms of Art – MONOGRAM

Inspired by Edward Tufte’s quote of ‘Escaping Flatland’ MONOGRAM has created a series of collections that explore this theme in search of its effect on Arabic letters. From paper, they formed sculptures of what the letters would look like if it were set free from paper. Considering the fragile nature of paper, the designs wereRead more about Wearable Forms of Art – MONOGRAM[...] Read More


  There’s a brand-new way to tone up using posture and specific movements. Unlike other exercises, posture training requires you to remain as still as possible, says a leading posture training expert and skeletal therapist DellMaree Day. The former Pilates teacher is the creator of a 10-week online program—The Invisible Exercise (TIE) — which helpsRead more about TONE UP WITH POSTURE TRAINING[...] Read More

Can’t Get A Good Night’s Sleep? Let’s Talk About Electromagnetic field Waves (EMFs)

Hooked to our cell phones and laptops, many of us are grappling with disrupted sleep or bouts of insomnia. This usually leaves us feeling exhausted, tired, and unproductive the following day; but Dominik Zunkovic, speaker at sleep expo middle east, and founder for whisper discusses the role electromagnetic field waves (EMFS) have on our sleepRead more about Can’t Get A Good Night’s Sleep? Let’s Talk About Electromagnetic field Waves (EMFs)[...] Read More

Keeping Fit in Pregnancy – The Big Debate

THE TREND According to Amir Siddiqui, CEO and Owner of Symmetry Gym, working out during pregnancy is definitely something that has become a norm recently. He explains, “A woman’s body undergoes physiological and mechanical changes during pregnancy, therefore, certain considerations have to be made for the exercise routine to be safe and effective. These changesRead more about Keeping Fit in Pregnancy – The Big Debate[...] Read More


The word is out— Reyna Rupani, head of Sharan Mumbai reveals that veganism is marking its presence everywhere—with new food products hitting the market, celebrities sharing their vegan journeys, meat and dairy companies switching to plant based alternatives, and plant-based restaurants sprouting up everywhere. Here is just some of the reasons people are going vegan.Read more about 2019 IS THE YEAR OF VEGANISM[...] Read More

Are Food Allergies Causing Your Child To Be Bullied

Allergy bullying is a growing problem that experts’ warn can cause deadly effects. In fact, parents of children with food allergies are being warned to watch for signs of ‘allergy bullying’ which Dr. Sandra Hong, M.D., Allergist at Cleveland Clinic (USA) says are commonplace in schools. BULLYING BEHAVIORS Research, according to Dr. Hong, has learnedRead more about Are Food Allergies Causing Your Child To Be Bullied[...] Read More

Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Optimal Health

It’s considered to be one of the healthiest diets in the world and to top it off, the Mediterranean Diet is actually good for optimal heart health. Here Prof. Daniele Del Rio, Head of the School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition at the University of Parma in Italy unravels the facts about thisRead more about Follow the Mediterranean Diet for Optimal Health[...] Read More

Boost Your Health with Running

Many of us don’t consider running as a key facet of our fitness routines, but the fact is that running can work wonders for your wellness quotient. But before embarking on the sport, there are some considerations to think about. LEAVE THE WATCH AT HOME Once a week, make it a point to go forRead more about Boost Your Health with Running[...] Read More