5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin

5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin Today’s men are taking care of themselves more than ever before. Health meets with Dr. Sunny Shaper, an international personal care expert who shares five key tips for men to have a fresh and clear complexion. 1. Use a Cleanser and Toner Get a gentle, fragrance-free facial cleanser – one that works for all skin types – and cleanse your face every day. TheRead more about 5 Easy Ways for Men to Get Perfect Skin[...] Read More

Avoid Skin Problems during Travel

Travel Tips With the airplane’s re-circulated air and extreme temperatures, even the most flawless skin can look lackluster. HEALTH reveals the top ways to avoid pesky skin problems during the journey. The day of the flight itself, take a warm shower instead of a hot one–which can break down the lipid barrier on skin that keeps moistureRead more about Avoid Skin Problems during Travel[...] Read More