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May/June 2013
It’s never too late...
Fitness for
•Heart Pumping
Despite the age-defying
benefits of getting fit, in
America, seniors are the
least physically active of all
Americans - with 40 percent
of women and 30 percent
of men over 70 report
that they never exercise.
And importantly, beyond
protection against heart
disease, diabetes, and some
cancers, numerous studies
suggest that regular exercise
can lower the risk of decline
which includes dementia and
frailty - that spells the end
of independence. Besides
being the General Manager
of Body and Soul Health
Clubs LLC, Rohun Beven
has been actively involved in
the leisure industry for over
35 years. He stresses that as
a guideline, after you reach
age 35, the body begins
losing its muscle mass. “Also
due to the general sedentary
lifestyle in the region, the
percentage of people with
heart disease and diabetes
is one of the highest in
the world,” he says. “After
consulting with a doctor for
approval, we recommend an
individual partake in cardio-
vascular exercise a minimum
of 3 times per week for
a minimum of twenty
minutes.” Cardiovascular
training essentially works
the heart muscles and keeps
the heart strong and healthy
so besides brisk walking
and jogging, other activities
such as biking, swimming,
playing tennis or badminton
all fundamentally constitute
cardiovascular exercise.
With the rise of diabetes, obesity
and heart attacks, getting physically
fit has never been more important.
And the reality is that it’s never
too late to start.
HEALTH meets
the General Manager of Body
and Soul Health Clubs Rohun
who explains how fitness
for senior citizens can be embarked
upon safely and effectively...