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May/June 2013
Healthy eating:
Jazz it up with these tips
Whether you’re
just starting a
plan for healthy
eating or have
been following
a healthy diet
for years,
sticking to it can
sometimes be
challenging. But
healthy eating
doesn’t have
to be boring
or tiresome.
Flavorful food
new cooking
ideas and an
inventive spirit
can add pizazz
to your meals
and snacks,
and keep you
motivated to
meet your goals
for healthy
• Here are 10 ways to keep
you on course toward
healthy eating:
• Play with your food.
Experiment with new foods
and new combinations.
Try mango or peach slices
on whole-wheat toast with
a little peanut butter and
honey. Toss some mandarin
orange or peach slices into
a salad.
• Toss on some beans. Add
chickpeas (garbanzos) or
black beans to your lunch or
dinner salad. If you typically
buy a salad or soup at work
but no beans are available,
bring a container of beans
from home. Another idea:
Blend chickpeas to create a
dip for veggies or spread on
a sandwich.
• Try tofu. Stir-fry extra-
firm or firm tofu instead of
meat in Asian-style dishes.
Freezing and then thawing
tofu before use gives it a
firmer, chewier texture. You
can also toss tofu in the
blender to add protein to
your fruit smoothies.
• Snack smart. Make a
nutritious snack rather than
a full meal when time is
tight. For example, spread
a brown rice cake with
ricotta cheese and fresh
strawberries or low-sugar,
spreadable fruit. Or try
low-fat corn muffins with
apple and cheese slices, or
fat-free refried beans mixed
with salsa, a small amount
of low-fat sour cream and
baked tortilla chips.
• Bulk up. Add crushed bran
(or oats or whole grain)
cereal or unprocessed wheat
bran to baked products,
such as meatloaf, breads,
muffins, casseroles, cakes
and cookies. Bran products
also make a great crunchy
topping for casseroles,
salads and cooked
• Go green. Vary your salad
greens and enjoy the
multitude of flavors and
Try these fun and easy tips for freshening up your
healthy eating plan