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May/June 2013
textures that are available.
Choices include arugula,
chicory, collard greens,
dandelion greens, kale,
mustard greens, spinach
and watercress. Try mixing
varieties to get all the
nutrition benefits and all
the flavors.
• Multitask. Choose a dish
that serves as a full meal for
quick and simple cooking.
Healthy examples include
beef, barley and vegetable
stew; chicken, vegetable
and rice casserole; turkey
and bean casserole with
tomatoes; or vegetarian
chili with beans and diced
• Add a side of salsa. It’s not
just for chips anymore.
Whether it’s mild, fruity,
hot, smooth or chunky,
salsa is a great companion
for potatoes, vegetables,
fish, chicken, meats and
even eggs.
• Spice it up. Use herbs and
spices to add color, taste
and aroma. Add cilantro to
rice or bean dishes. Sprinkle
rosemary on roasted
potatoes, cubed squash (or
veggies) or grilled meats.
Add freshly chopped chives
to omelets or pasta salads.
• Explore the world. Discover
and enjoy foods from
around the world: Mexican,
Latin American, Indian,
Greek, French and Asian
cuisines, just to name a few.
Some of the world’s most
intriguing ingredients -
quinoa, edamame, bok choy,
bulgur - are as nutritious as
they are delicious.