To date, 99 per cent of address number signs have been mounted and 97 per cent of street name sign foundation & poles implemented across Abu Dhabi Municipality

Marayah IslandAbu Dhabi, UAE, Nov 22nd 2015: Full implementation of the Onwani (‘My Address’) unified addressing system in Abu Dhabi is ongoing. To date, all address entrances have been mapped in both urban and rural areas and 99 per cent of the blue address number signs have been mounted outside buildings. Next to the number, these also include QR Codes with details about the address.

In addition, all new overhead street name signs have been installed on the main intersections on Abu Dhabi Island, together with route numbers to assist way finding. Furthermore, 97 per cent of the foundations and inner poles (the inner element that supports the sign structure) for the street name signs have been implemented all over Abu Dhabi city. The outer poles and actual street sign panels will be produced and installed once the street names are approved.  So far, names have been approved and street name signs installed in various areas of Abu Dhabi City including : the main streets of Abu Dhabi Island,Al Bateen district, as well as in parts of Al Maryah Island, Al Nahyan, Al Falah and Al Bahya districts. Within these areas, the new addressing system is completed and in full functional use, providing all residents and businesses with their unique address.

Each address consists of a street name and building number. The street name signs on each intersection and blue address number signs on each building make finding an address easy. These addresses will soon also be available on car navigation software, so relying on local landmarks to find an address will soon be a thing of the past.

The new addressing system in Abu Dhabi is an example of good co-operation between the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) and Abu Dhabi City Municipality. “In the areas where all signs are installed, visitors and residents of these areas will simply have to provide the street name and building number in order for anyone to find their address ,” said Dr Abdullah Ghareeb, Executive Director for property management, property regulations and registrations at the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA). “In addition, they can also enter the address in their car navigation system or in the Onwani app to navigate to a location.”

The new addresses consisting of street name and building number will be open for usage by a number of service providers, to facilitate wayfinding and communication through daily life of all residents. For instance car navigation devices, Onwani’s app and general third party smart phone applications are all incorporating the new addresses, providing residents, businesses, emergency services, utility services’ providers  and visitors with the  addressing and wayfinding functions they need to locate and find any address in the emirate quickly and easily.

The first preparations for Abu Dhabi’s new addressing system date back to 2008, when addressing principles were defined based on international best practises. After the design of both the system and the physical signs was finalized, implementation work first started in Abu Dhabi in 2013. The project has progressed at a fast pace, and upon completion will consist of around 66,000 unique building numbers, 6,600 street names, and 17,000 new street name signs  within Abu Dhabi City Municipality Jurisdictions. After the street names are approved, the system will be completed (2016), and ready for the benefit of all residents and visitors of Abu Dhabi, both in urban and rural areas. Among other things, this will reduce emergency response times, and simplify daily life by providing easy location finding and faster home deliveries.

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